Enhance your wine experience and add convenience to any wine-related occasion.

Are  you struggling with your traditional corkscrews and wine openers? Do you find it difficult to open wines easily probably because when you do, break the cork or leave bits in the wine, leading to a less enjoyable experience?

Imagine you or your company are hosting an event and there are over 50 wine bottles to open, how long do you think it will take to open 50 bottles and how much energy do you think will be required to do so? 



With just the press of a button, our electric wine opener effortlessly removes corks from wine bottles in seconds. No more struggling with traditional corkscrews or worrying about broken corks.

Use our Electric Wine Opener to enjoy the relaxed experience. Elevate your wine moments and make every bottle opening a breeze. Cheers to good times and great wine!

Features Of Our 4-IN-1 Electric Wine Opener

Specs Of Our 4-IN-1 Electric Wine Opener

1. Use The Foil knife

Use the tinfoil cutting knife to rotate left and right to cut the tinfoil that seals the bottle mouth.

2. Press The Bottle Open Button

Aim at the cork and press the bottle opening button and press it vertically for a few seconds. The cork will automatically pull out after a few seconds.

3. Press The Escape Key

Press the cork ejection button and the bottle cork will automatically exit the bottle opener.

4. Use The Wine Pourer

The petal-shaped wine pourer has a novel shape and is easy to operate. It is suitable for most bottle mouths. It can prevent wine from dripping into the bottle when pouring wine and will not stain the wine label.

Super long battery life, fast bottle opening in seconds, unimaginably fast:

The powerful power system, combined with the improved external structure, greatly improves the accuracy of the spiral hook positioning of the wine cork and the smoothness of the cork withdrawal, thus truly achieving extremely fast bottle opening in seconds.

Visual bottle opening LED blue light cool display:

The bottom of the bottle opener adopts a transparent PC shell, and the humanized design makes the whole process of opening the bottle easier.

clear and distinct. During use, the LED lights up with blue light, which looks cool.

bottle, also provides convenience for use in low light conditions.

Innovative removable bottom cover for easy cleaning:

It is designed with a removable bottom cover device, which can remove the lower end of the bottle opener for cleaning and facilitate wiping the inner wall of the PC case.

You Need This If…

How To Use The 4-IN-1 Electric Wine Opener

– Quick and Effortless.

– Quiet and Efficient.

– Enhanced Wine Enjoyment.

– Convenient Storage.

– Perfect Gift.

BEFORE = N80,000

VAL-PROMO = N60,500 (gh₵724)

Effortless Wine Opening】: This Electric Wine Opener Set makes opening wine bottles a breeze! With just a press of a button, you can remove the cork in 6 seconds, without any noise or hassle.

4-in-1 Set: This 4-in-1 set includes everything you need for a perfect wine experience – foil cutter, vacuum stopper, and a wine pourer. It’s the perfect combination for any wine lover!

Wide Applicability: The electric wine opener is only about 9 inches tall and 1.9 inches wide, making it lightweight and easy to store next to your wine rack or fridge. It’s battery-powered (batteries not included) and can open up to 30 wine bottles at a time. It’s also compatible with most wine bottle sizes.

Elegant and Durable Design】: The blue LED light design adds a touch of elegance to your wine experience, and the ergonomic grip ensures easy handling. The superior quality materials make it durable and easy to clean.

Perfect Gifts: The Electric Wine Opener Set is the perfect gift for any wine lover! The red frosted design is elegant and stylish, and the beautiful color box packaging makes it a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, graduations, and more.

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